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Developing a promotional product brand is more art than science

While companies that are working to create a brand can spend a lot of time on technical evaluations, there is a school of thought that views branding as purely emotional. Robert R. Matheson of Forbes magazine outlines some of the arguments in favor of this mode.

1. Don’t adjust too finely. When brands aren’t yet perfectly developed, it rarely is the case that many small things went wrong. Rather, look toward correcting the major flaws first (such as identifying and targeting the right demographic through the appropriate channels). Once an organization has established itself as a brand it can begin to make more subtle adjustments.

2. Make the brand a story. At the heart of a brand, developed via promotional products or otherwise, is a good story. Storytelling engages people and draws them toward a company name. Businesses who work to incorporate a narrative into their marketing will develop strong brand loyalty.

3. Companies should go with their guts. Successful brand managers distance themselves from technical considerations and put themselves in the shoes of a prospective consumer. This involves casting an emotional eye at all promotional efforts.

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