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The subtle marketing of the 21st century

While the options for promoting a brand or company seem more plentiful than ever, it’s important to take a step back and consider the actual atmosphere of advertising in 2011. Peter DeLegge of Marketing Today reminds us of a few sobering facts.

Consumers will see attempts at brand marketing hundreds of times in a day, on cable television, on their computers and on billboards and cellphone advertisements. Yet for all of these possible marketing spaces, people also have technology to shield them from brand names. Anti pop-up software and digital video recorders all keep advertising from the eyes of consumers.

These technological upgrades serve as savvy filters that allow consumers to tune out attempts at branding and marketing. As a result, the loudest and most direct attempts at branding and advertising are the most likely to be ineffective. It’s important to keep this in mind when attempting a branding campaign. To truly solidify a company’s name and strengths in the minds of consumers, remember to reject the bright and the direct. Embrace subtle promotional products, campaigns and understated messages.

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