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The Bujo Journaling Craze

Bullet journaling, commonly referred to as “BuJo”, is currently a hot trend sweeping the internet. While it includes the word “journal”, it doesn’t exactly work like a diary. It’s more like a planner except it’s a handwritten organizational method people use to keep track of important tasks, appointments, goals and thoughts.

History of BuJo

Bullet journaling was developed years ago by Ryder Carroll, a Brooklyn-based digital product designer. Originally, it was an organizational method he used to keep track of his life, but a friend convinced him it was a process he should share with people. In 2013, he did.

How BuJo Works

BuJo is pretty straightforward. While people use it to plan, it’s more flexible and creative than traditional planners. The process uses a specific framework that consists of four modules: Index, Future Log, Monthly Log and Daily Log which can be mixed and matched. Within those modules are components: topics, page numbers, short sentences and specific bullets. Once you get the basic layout, the sky’s the limit. It’s completely customizable. Many people use it not only as a planner but to reach their goals or keep track of thoughts. No more sticky notes, electronic reminders and half-written “to do” lists. Everything is concise and organized in one place.

BuJo Notebooks Can Boost Brand Exposure

If you’re looking for a fresh way to heighten brand visibility, a notebook to use for BuJo is the ideal promotional gift. What better way to say “thank you” to the loyal customers you work with on a regular basis? Every time they BuJo, they’ll think of you.

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