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The Pantone Color Of The Year Is Here

If you’ve been wondering which eye-catching color to choose from for your promotional marketing items, look no further. The Pantone Color Institute has released the new 2018 Color of the Year hot off the presses. The color for this year is Ultra Violet. It’s a powerful color that tells of deep roots in its past and inspires us to move forward into the future. And it’s the perfect color to use in business! Let’s take a look to learn more, shall we?

What Does Ultra Violet Say?

This complex and imaginative color has helped spur creativity for centuries. The wonder of the night skies’ limitless heights… the rare beauty in a flower’s petals… the profound intrigue it had on the adornment of royalty… all of these examples shows the mysterious and curious nature that comes with Ultra Violet. It’s a color that provokes a strong emotion that sometimes symbolized artistic counterculture, and other times contained an almost magical quality. For these reasons, it’s also a strategic color in business applications. Hallmark, Yahoo, and Cadbury are some famous companies who use this color in their logos. Will you be among them?

Ultra Violet in Promotional Items

Now is the time to be #trendingnow with Ultra Violet in your promotional marketing items! Pens, flash drives, and key chains are some popular options to choose from. And of course, there are many more. Take a look through Myron’s website today to see them all!

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