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Educate and protect your customers on National Melanoma Monday

Educate and protect your customers on National Melanoma Monday

With warmer weather right around the corner, even your small business might be filled with talk of outdoor activities and plans for summer fun. Between cookouts, hiking trips and sports, there's no shortage of things to do once the sun makes the days longer, hotter and brighter.

However, more time spent outside means that your customers might not be adequately protected from the dangers of radiation from natural light. National Melanoma Monday is May 4, and all small businesses focused on personal health, fitness and beauty should start thinking about ways they can educate and protect their customers against the harms of excessive sun exposure. With the right promotional products and a bit of clever marketing, you can turn this into a day your customers will remember all summer.

A little sun doesn't hurt, but a lot could.A little sun doesn't hurt, but a lot could.

State the facts
There wouldn't be life without the sun, but that doesn't mean that your customers aren't still at risk of developing skin conditions due to overexposure. For many people, the issue isn't that they don't care about the danger, but rather that they're unfamiliar with it in the first place.

Melanoma is a cancer caused by a specific type of radiation that emanates from the sun. All radiation poses a chance to alter cells' chemical composition, and over time, the amount of sun you soak up can cause melanocytes, or cells responsible for the pigments that give skin its differing colors, to become cancerous. That's why it's important to limit the overall amount of sunlight you're exposed to over a lifetime instead of just on certain days.

But how can you get this information into the hands of your customers? It might help to go where people who spend a lot of time outside already are and promote your skin-conscious campaign there. Make sure you have enough promotional products on hand like Myron's Personalized Polyester Visor – Single Color Imprint that not only pushes your brand, but offers your customers a relief from the beating sun. Customize your products with tips to help your clients stay safe in the summer sun and you might see long-term effects on your business. After all, the longer they keep promotional products around and take them with them to the golf course or out in the yard, the more exposure your brand gets.

Test their knowledge
Part of the problem with skin conditions caused by overexposure to the sun's harmful rays is that many people hold misconceptions over how or when they're supposed to protect themselves. If your small business wants to emphasizes its commitment to personal health and wellness on National Melanoma Monday, you might have to get a bit creative to break through to customers.

"Your customers should never use sunscreen below SPF 30."

Though there are plenty of popular products out there that say otherwise, your customers should never use sunscreen below SPF 30. Anything less and the product isn't likely doing anything other than making the skin greasy. With Myron's 1.5-Oz. Promotional Sport Sunscreen with Carabiner (SPF-30), you can give your customers the protection they need while also including a friendly reminder for future purchases in the 6-line imprint area. If this is what your clients are reaching for to save themselves from skin damage this summer, you can be sure they'll remember your small business while they're doing it.

Start planning your National Melanoma Monday strategies today so you can educate and protect your customers all summer long,.

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