Help customers avoid stress on tax day

As a small-business owner, you should be finished or at least close to done with your taxes for the year. If you've been keeping accurate records, this can be as simple as plugging in a few numbers and letting a piece of software or an accounting team handle the rest. 

However, your customers and employees might not be as financially savvy as you, and while they probably see tax day as a nuisance at best and a nightmare at worst, small businesses focused on financial planning, investing and wealth accumulation should take tax day as an opportunity to help their customers make it through April 15 in one piece.

It doesn't matter who you are - doing your taxes can be an exercise in frustration.It doesn't matter who you are – doing your taxes can be an exercise in frustration.

Be there to help
One of the unfortunate aspects of tax day for small businesses is the relative lack of in-store traffic . After all, some customers might be so busy combing through their records that the last thing on their minds is your business. That's why you need to leverage promotional giveaways in the months and weeks before tax day to let your customers know that you're there to help if they need it.

Promotional products like the Numero Custom Calculator from Myron can serve as gentle but clear reminders that your business has the expertise to handle even the most disorganized financial records from the past year. Make sure to customize your products with your company's address and phone number so customers can easily reach out at a moment's notice.

"Try to soothe your customers' ragged nerves around tax day with stress-relieving products."

You could also take a different route and try to soothe your customers' ragged nerves around tax day with stress-relieving products like Myron's Moneybags Promotional Stress Reliever. With branding and a short message of inspirational support, this could serve as a bright spot in your customers' harried lives leading up to April 15.

Hold a Tax-Free Day
When your customers wake up April 16, the last thing they want to think about is taxes. When your office opens up that morning, it could be the perfect opportunity to hold a temporary sale where you take care of all taxes on any purchase.

Marketing blog Vertical Response explained that this is a great way not only to get customers' focus back on your business, but also to spur some extra sales traffic after tax day – unless you are making million-dollar sales, the odd dollars and cents from taxes for a day will probably be dwarfed by the sales you actually make to curious customers.

Don't forget social
While many of your customers might be too busy finishing their taxes to worry about social media, Brandsplat explained that just as many people take to Facebook and Twitter to vent about their experiences. If your small business doesn't have a comprehensive social media plan for tax day, it might be time to start one now. Whether it includes future promotions or advice on getting your forms to the government on time, being active on social media during tax day can be the final push that puts your small business on top of your competitors.

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