Clever promotional product use is critical during National Arthritis Awareness Month

Whether young or old, the modern consumer expects a meaningful relationship with his or her favorite brands. This goes well beyond simply selling to customers – fostering lifelong relationships on both the small-business and client sides requires getting to know and then engaging with your clients on a personal level.

Doctor's offices, health and wellness centers and even pharmaceutical companies can demonstrate their commitment to the personal well-being of their clients during National Arthritis Awareness Month this May. While your clients might expect you to provide comprehensive care regardless, a targeted and customized promotional product can add a little extra comfort to their days. Take the initiative during National Arthritis Awareness Month and figure out why you should start crafting a campaign with promotional giveaways today.

Arthritis can seem like an innocuous condition, but it causes serious pain.Arthritis can seem like an innocuous condition, but it causes serious pain.

A joint venture
Arthritis may not be a life-threatening condition in most cases, but that doesn't mean patients with the condition don't have to live through severe discomfort. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 52.5 million American adults have been diagnosed with systematic joint pain. Within that group, 22.7 million people live with reduced mobility due to the extreme stiffness and pain in their joints.

While there's no cure for arthritis, the American College of Rheumatology explained that a combination of therapeutic medications, orthopedic devices and increased physical activity in the affected joints can help patients manage pain.

"Regular exercise of affected joints can reduce pain caused by arthritis."

Put the word out on social media that you'll be holding promotional giveaways for people with arthritis and customers will flock to pick up items like Myron's Promo Stress Ball. Just make sure to customize it with a indigo-colored ribbon – the official shade of the rheumatoid arthritis awareness movement – as well as your brand.

Why is a stress reliever perfect for customers with arthritis? Regular exercise of affected joints can reduce pain in two ways: First, it stimulates blood flow to the area, which allows the swollen tissues to heal more quickly. Also, exercise builds muscle around joints with little or no supportive cartilage. With more muscle holding onto the bones, joints suffer less pain.

Handing out promotional products like this also provides an opportunity to educate consumers on common exercises they can do at their desks, in the car or anywhere they happen to be. Simply squeezing the hand around the stress reliever or alternating with individual fingers can be effective exercises for managing arthritis pain.

Your customers don't expect you to miraculously heal them during National Arthritis Awareness Month, but showing that you care might be your next best step in creating meaningful client-business relationships that last forever.

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