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Promote democracy on Election Day with great custom products

Promote democracy on Election Day with great custom products

There’s no better way to show your company’s patriotic spirit on Election Day than with personalized promotional items. This holiday always falls on the Tuesday of the first full week in November, which is Nov. 4, 2014, and it welcomes registered voters to head to the polls and make their voice heard. Encouraging residents to cast their vote for town and state officials is a great way to show that you business is invested in the future of the community. Here are a few ways you can use marketing efforts and promotional products to celebrate democracy this Election Day.

Be a voting resource
In the weeks leading up to Election Day, educate your customers about the local candidates, issues and voting guidelines. You can send out an email newsletter or write a post on social media detailing the polling places in your community and encouraging residents to make educated selections. Keep your information as objective as possible, unless you’re endorsing a particular candidate or party. In your announcement, offer a coupon to be redeemed on Election Day or give details about a special upcoming promotion. This will help drive more customers to your store and boost your sales on the holiday.

Offer a special promotion
Most polling locations hand out “I Voted” stickers as people leave, so encourage them to stop by your store afterward for a special promotion. Intuit suggested offering a custom promotional gift to customers who come in with their stickers. There are lots of options, like a Patriotic Custom Microfiber Cloth, which can be used to clean computer screens, phones, eyeglasses and more. Another choice is a BIC Sticky Note Pad with a Patriotic Border. Handing out free items will make customers feel good about their decision to vote and help build brand awareness in your community.

Host an election party
If you own a bar or restaurant that stays open late, host a special event where patrons can watch the election results come in. You can decorate with patriotic decor and keep the televisions on local and national new channels. This is an effective way to keep patrons in your business for longer and to boost sales for the night. It’s also a great way to align your company with the interests of the community. Don’t forget to thank you customers with a Patriotic Promo Magnet on the way out. They’ll put it on their fridge and hopefully be reminded of the memorable night they had at your establishment.

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