Encourage your employees to personalize their workspace

Your employees spend a lot of time in the office each day, and it can quickly become a chore when the atmosphere is boring. If your staff haven’t already spruced up their cubicles or desks, encourage them to do so. As long as they keep their space clean and presentable, there’s no harm in a little bit of personalization. In fact, there are a number of notable benefits to having a decorated and welcoming workspace.

Benefits of baubles
A bare cubicle can become exhausting during a 40-hour week. By encouraging your employees to decorate their work space, you allow them to bring a little of their personality into the office. Whether they realize it or not, your staff will be much more comfortable at their desk if they have pictures, quotes or other little trinkets to look at. These items can be purely decorative, but there are also many functional objects that can lighten up a cubicle.

Invest in some Original Note Nests customized for your company or Personalized Glass Oval Paperweight to give out to employees. They’re attractive and useful decorations that will encourage a homey feel. Another option is to buy some fun stress relievers for your staff, like the Customized Construction Cone Stress Relievers or the Friendly Face Custom Stress Relievers.

Let your employees express themselves in their workspace, but make sure that everything stays neat, organized and professional. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of making a poor impression on visitors.

Perks of plants
There are also a number of benefits to having plants in the office. Having a touch of nature in the workplace can help to reduce stress, clean the air and keep staff chipper. A little bit of green can lighten the atmosphere and create a welcoming environment at your company. Allow your employees to bring their own desk plants, or purchase a few communal flower pots.

If you’re looking for the best plant for your office, take lighting, space and upkeep into account. Generally, you’ll want to pick greenery that’s low maintenance and will thrive in low-light conditions. According to Huffington Post, philodendrons and spider plants are two good options, as they will be perfectly happy in a dark corner. Plants that don’t need too much care include Tillandsia and Peace Lilies. You can display these different plants on desks or windowsills, but make sure to create a care schedule so they don’t get neglected.

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