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Customers agree: Myron boosts business!

Customers agree: Myron boosts business!

Myron is dedicated to providing high-quality promotional products that will help boost brand awareness for your business. There are customized items for every occasion imaginable and everything is backed by Myron’s risk-free 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Using these great promotional items will give your business a leg up on competitors by showing that you care about your clients. Myron products also demonstrate that your business is dedicated to providing the best quality in everything you do. However, don’t just take our word for it, here are what some Myron customers had to say about their experience.

Promotional products can be useful
Pens and keychains are classic handouts, but small businesses can also offer clients unique and useful products. There are items for many industries, including real estate, automotive, hotel, government and nonprofit. Construction companies have found objects like the 5-in-1 Multi-Tool to be great business boosters.

“I wanted to hand my clients something different and far more useful [than pens],” Greg Le D. told Myron. “I came across the Myron multi-tool, with blade, screwdriver, scissor, file and more. It’s nice to look at and offers a wide array of tools.”

Greg offers to replace the tool if his customers lose it, and he’s found that his repeat business has increased with the use of this promotional product. The multi-tool and similar products are great options for electricians, home improvement stores and more.

Kind gestures set small businesses apart
Companies who are looking to set themselves apart from the pack in their community should make use of customized items. Giving out pens or notepads is a small gesture, but it shows that your company values its clients.

“I enjoy the smiles on the faces of my new clients because they don’t expect to receive such nice gifts,” Andrew S. told Myron. “But my favorite thing is the look on my repeat customers’ faces when they come and ask if I have any more pens or calendars.”

Andrew gives Bel Arte pens to his customers and has found that it keeps people coming back to his business. The products he purchases from Myron have helped him to set his company apart from competitors and increased his referrals.

Custom products are memorable
Myron offers lots of choices for branded products, but some of the most popular items are the desk planners and pocket calendars. These products serve as a year-round marketing tool for small businesses and leave a lasting impression on customers.

“Every year I use the Myron’s Teamwork pocket calendars to say ‘thank you’ to our clients and sponsors and to break the ice when meeting potential partners,” Bruce M., owner of Mabrito Motorsports in Texas, told Myron. “These are first-class pocket calendars that are truly appreciated in an overly-electronic and busy world.”

Bruce explained that many of the company’s partners look forward to receiving a new batch of calendars each year. These items are a great choice for just about any company, as they can be customized and come in a variety of styles and price points.

Helpful items are used outside the office
Giving your customers a useful promotional item will ensure that you stay on their minds even once they leave your store or office. Dr. Thomas A. has found that Myron’s flashlight key rings are beneficial to his patients, especially the children. One child in particular uses his flashlight to calm his nighttime fears.

“When he woke with a nightmare recently, he remembered the flashlight and turned it on,” Dr. Thomas explained. “He said it made him smile that he could instantly see into and all around the room – wherever he pointed the light – and that all was well. After a few more of these events, his nightmares have decreased to almost zero. The flashlights are little but are making a big difference!”

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