Order next year’s promotional calendars in the fall

Calendars are an effective and inexpensive promotional tool for small businesses. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are easy to customize and help market your company for 12 months. If you are planning to hand out promotional calendars next year, the best time to order them is the fall. Using this time frame will ensure that you have enough time to design the product, have it printed and hand it out to your customers.

Choosing a promotional calendar
The main considerations to take into account when choosing a promotional calendar are the company’s budget and message. Your budget will dictate the size, shape, customization and delivery method of your calendars. Companies with smaller budgets might choose a product like the Admiral Pocket Pal Calendar, which is a convenient size, affordable and easy to personalize. Another option is the Inspirations Promotional Wall Calendar, which is filled with beautiful images and Bible verses. If you have a larger budget, the Windsor Desk Planner Calendar makes a great addition to any customer’s desk.

Whichever product you choose, make sure that it has your company name and logo clearly displayed. You’ll also want the promotional product to accurately reflect the business. A church might want calendars will Bible verses, while a real estate company would benefit from a product that has pictures of nice neighborhoods around the state. Another way to optimize the impact of calendars is to include a short call-to-action. If your company is particularly busy during the summer, include the business phone number and a short description of services on those pages.

Giving out the product
Once your product is designed and printed, it’s time to hand the calendars out to your customers. If the company relies on a physical store, it’s easy to slip a complimentary calendar into shopping bags at checkout. However, businesses that are based online may need to use direct mail to distribute the promotional product. There are many options when it comes to mailing a calendar. Mailing Envelopes for Wall Calendars are inexpensive and convenient for shipping. If you’re distributing pocket calendars, use Pocket Pal Gift Boxes, that come in silver and gold. These sturdy boxes will ensure that your product gets to the consumer without harm and add a special touch to the gift.

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