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4 tips for companies contributing to a wedding

4 tips for companies contributing to a wedding

Many companies contribute to the celebration of a new marriage – hotels, restaurants, florists, printers, salons and more. If your business is lucky enough to be part of a couple’s big day, you’ll want to make the best impression possible. Delivering above and beyond a bridal party’s expectations will boost your brand’s reputation and score you future referrals. In addition to your company’s usual customer service practices, use these four tips to ensure the bride and groom have the best possible experience while working with you.

1. Prepare for the consult
If you book a consultation appointment with a couple, Columbus Monthly suggested that you come armed and ready for the session. You want to make the consult fun for the bride and groom (and whoever else comes along), while still gathering all the information you need to deliver up to expectations. Make a list of all the questions you need to ask, put together a portfolio of past work and read up on the latest industry trends. Be prepared to collaborate with the couple and switch up your ideas if necessary. If they perceive that you are professional and knowledgeable, you’ll be on your way to building a trusting relationship.

2. Offer alternatives
Whether your company is providing the flowers, linens, hotel rooms, car service or food, you might not be able to offer exactly what the wedding party asks for. However, try your best to offer a suitable alternative. Show the couple that you understand what they’re looking for and can customize a service or product that fits their needs and their budget. At the same time, be honest about what your company can provide and don’t stretch yourself too thing in order to deliver. Being flexible and honest while thinking outside the box is essential to providing the best service at a wedding.

3. Communicate often
Book More Brides explained that communication is the key to customer service in the bridal industry. Staying in touch with the wedding party will help you to avoid misunderstandings and resolve any issues quickly. Ask for clarification on any gray areas and be clear about services that incur an additional cost. It’s also a good practice to touch base with the couple in the weeks before the wedding. Let them know that everything is good to go and that your company is excited to contribute to the big day. If you initiate contact, it will reassure the bride and groom that everything is taken care of and will be one less thing for the couple to worry about. After the big event, they’ll remember how efficient your company was and be more likely to recommend you to friends and family.

4. Give a small wedding gift
On the big day, bring along a small gift for the couple. They’ll be grateful for your service, and a token of appreciation will let them know you were happy to work with them. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a small but useful promotional product is perfect. A Executive Wine Case is one great option. It can be customized with your company’s logo, and the newlyweds are sure to use it in their celebratory champagne. Another choice is an Executive Wood Box filled with chocolate pretzels or English toffee. These beautiful boxes feature a gold plate with your company information and will give the couple something to snack on after the reception. The small gesture will help to set your company apart from other vendors and ensure the big event is one the couple will always remember.

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