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5 great ideas to celebrate National Boss Day

5 great ideas to celebrate National Boss Day

Oct. 16 is National Boss Day, so gather your coworkers together and plan a little surprise for your office’s head honcho. It’s a great opportunity to show your supervisors just how much you appreciate their guidance and leadership. The holiday, founded in 1958, was originally intended to foster better relationships between staff and their bosses, so it’s also a good opportunity to get to know a manager you aren’t on good terms with. Here are five great ideas for how you can celebrate National Boss Day in your office.

1. Organize a department lunch
Having a short and sweet department gathering is a nice way to show appreciation for your boss. Order from his or her favorite restaurant and have all the staff chip in for the cost. A department lunch is a great way for staff to get to know each other on a more personal level, and it’s a re-energizing break in the middle of a work day. You can also choose to take the boss out for lunch, but make sure his or her schedule is clear in advance.

2. Split the cost of a treat
Because who doesn’t like dessert? Have everyone contribute a few dollars for a sweet treat to present to your boss. If you order a cake from a local bakery, have it personalized with a short message.

3. Put together a gift basket
A personalized gift basket from employees is a nice gesture on Boss Day. Design a basket that focuses on your boss’s hobbies. If he’s a golfer, you can put in a few golf balls, tees and a Golf Bag Water Bottle Cooler customized with your company’s logo. If she travels a lot in her spare time, get her a sleep mask, neck pillow and Promotional King of the Road Travel Bag. A personalized basket will show that you truly care about your supervisor.

4. Pass around a “Thank You” card
A greeting card is a small, but sincere gesture for your boss. Pass the card around your department and have everyone write a short thank you note. You can include a gift certificate to his or her favorite coffee shop or restaurant inside the card.

5. Give bosses a token of appreciation
If you work in a small office or have a close relationship with your manager, you can also choose to give him or her a small gift of thanks. Keep it simple and don’t spend too much money, but make it heartfelt. A Personalized Glass Oval Paperweight or a Chrome Money Clip are small tokens of appreciation that won’t inspire jealousy in your coworkers, but still send a great message to your boss.

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