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5 ideas for an amazing raffle basket

5 ideas for an amazing raffle basket

As a small business, you may be asked by local organizations to donate a basket for a raffle. Supporting a good cause is always a great way to build brand knowledge, and you should strategically create the bundle you donate. Use these tips to put together a sought-after raffle basket that reflects well on your business and supplements your marketing efforts.

According an informational article by Relay for Life, people are more likely to bid on baskets with a specific theme, rather than just knick-knacks. Get creative with a theme, but keep in mind it should be something people will use. Usually the organization will give you a budget to work within, so use that as a guide when you pick your items. Here are five suggestions for great raffle baskets that will get lots of bids.

1. Sundae basket
Target dessert lovers with a sweet-treat inspired basket. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put ice cream into your gift, but you can include all the toppings: sprinkles, whipped cream, hot fudge, nuts and cherries. You’ll also want to include a few inexpensive sundae bowls and a Custom Imprinted Ice Cream Scoop. If there’s a popular ice cream shop in your area, you can also throw in a gift certificate.

2. Back-to-school basket
If the event is at the end of the summer, put together a mom’s dream basket with all the supplies for back to school. Gather up some pens, pencils, markers, loose leaf paper and Spiral Promotional Notebooks. Then instead of a basket, display the goodies in a cool new backpack.

3. Scrapbooking basket
Crafters in the crowd will love a haul with the best scrapbooking tools. You’ll want to include a great binder, unique paper, stickers, ribbons, craft stickers and other fun embellishments. If there’s a holiday coming up, you can narrow your theme down even further. Halloween and Christmas are especially popular with crafty moms!

4. Pampered pet basket
For the dog lovers in attendance, create an irresistible pet package. You can include dog treats, a matching collar and leash and set of tennis balls. Don’t forget a Promotional 9 1/4″ Flyer that they can bring along to the park. Wrap it all up in a cute travel bag and it’s good to go.

5. Business basket
Retail stores can also put together an array of their best products for an awesome raffle basket. There are tons of promotional products that can be included for an extra marketing boost. If you choose objects that are tailored to the crowd, your basket is sure to be a hit.

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