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Early-bird special: Planning end-of-year promotions

Planning end-of-year promotions

The year may only be half way through, but that doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t be looking to the future. Instead of waiting until October or November to purchase end-of-year promotions, consider snagging your items early. By choosing your products several months in advance, you may not only ensure your business gets its gifts in time, but also avoid the hassle of ordering promotional products during one of the busiest seasons.

Examine the various products your brand could purchase that would be useful toward the end of the year.

Wall calendars
Promotional wall calendars are an excellent choice for distributing to both loyal consumers and employees. These items can provide people with a great deal of use, as they can store information, birthdays and important reminders for the entirety of the year. Additionally, companies can pick calendars that best represent their services. Myron offers a variety of themes for 2015 calendars, ranging from those that feature furry animals to those that provide users with inspirational quotes. Your business’ brand generally receives a large blank spot at the bottom of the calendar, ensuring whoever uses the item throughout the year can prominently display your logo wherever the calendar hangs.

Hoarding for the holidays
If you’re already thinking about gifts to give your employees for the holiday season, browse through the promotional products pertaining to the event of your choosing. For a more universal option, examine the selection of Holiday Greeting Cards. These can be sent to consumers, employees and business partners across the globe. Companies can purchase cards for many holidays that will occur at the end of the year, from Christmas to Thanksgiving.

However, if you’re looking for more personalized gifts to distribute to employees this holiday season, you may be better served by searching through the selection of employee recognition gifts. These items are ideal for workers who have performed well throughout the year and deserve a small token of appreciation.

Wade through the Winter Wonderland
Looking to stock up on winter collectibles? Myron offers snowglobes, trinkets and statuettes perfect for distributing among consumers and staff members. Consider stocking up on decorations to place around the office that consumers and employees can appreciate during the colder months. Alternatively, you may opt to purchase collectibles to send to loyal customers, providing them not only with a tangible object of gratitude, but also giving them a chance to further promote your brand.

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