Attract patrons with Mother’s Day promotions and events

Make this Mother’s Day a time to engage with customers and clients as they celebrate their moms. A Mother’s Day sale may draw in extra business or simply bolster current clients’ positive brand perception. Discounted prices aren’t the only way for a company to acknowledge all of the hard-working mothers out there. This can be done with organized events and gifts for loyal customers or people who support the business during Mother’s Day weekend. Every industry is a bit different but there is a way to incorporate custom promotional products into most.

Promotions for religious organizations
Since Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sunday in May, church is likely a part of parishioners’ annual plans to celebrate their mothers. One way to show appreciation for mothers of the parish is with a Mother’s Day brunch or luncheon after mass. Organize men of the parish to each bring a dish for a potluck meal so the moms don’t have to worry about a thing but enjoying.

Additionally, Sunday school can include a lesson about the history of Mother’s Day and the role of mothers throughout the religion’s history. Encourage kids to make cards and crafts for their moms to show gratitude for all they do. Church administrators can demonstrate the respect they have for moms with promotional products for church and religious organizations. Whether deciding between 2015 God Guides Personalized Wall CalendarsCrowne Triple Function Scripture Stylus Pens or any of the other affordable options, women of the parish will be touched.

Restaurant and bars promotional products
It’s common to treat Mom to a nice meal over Mother’s Day weekend. To draw customers in for the special event, consider creating and promoting a holiday menu. Other ways to show appreciation for mothers is with Custom Coasters. Instead of just a company logo and slogan, use the space to say thank you and spread them out along the bar and at every table. If guests spend above a certain price point, they would be excited to receive a Napa Waiter’s Corkscrew with their favorite restaurant’s name on it.

Hotel & travel promotional products
For guests who are staying during Mother’s Day weekend, there are many appropriate products to distribute during check-in and check-out. If considering a freebie giveaway, check out Customizable Hand Sanitizers or 3 Way Promotional Emery Boards for female customers. Like the restaurant coasters above, add a line about Mother’s Day to the company logo to make the gifts special for the holiday.

If guests book a certain length stay as determined by each business, add an Adler Collection Luggage Tag Set to their rooms to thank them for their business during Mother’s Day weekend. It would also be fun to do an enter-to-win contest for a Kodiak Eclipse Custom Duffel Bag or Montana Duffel Travel Bag.

Spa promotional products
Moms always want to be pampered so a spa gift is quite fitting for this holiday. One deal customers might be interested in this week is a mother-daughter package for a combination of relaxation and quality time with their moms. Alternatively, a group of siblings may look into a multiple session package for their mother. Offer discounts on packages that have been popular in years past or hand out personal care promotional products when people stop by to purchase gifts.

If someone is buying their mom a massage, they might also want to purchase beauty products to create a gift set. Consider organizing these gift packages in a  Newport Promotional Tote Bag or Classic Boat Tote Personalized Bag. Additionally, customers interested in skin care may enjoy promotional sunscreen in either SPF 15 or SPF 30.

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