Place fitness first at the office

The American Heart Association recently named April 2 as National Walking Day, asking Americans around the country to celebrate by dedicating a small portion of their day to walking. Promoting physical fitness among employees is essential for creating a healthy office environment, whether managers are heading down the street for lunch or asking them to opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Participating in holidays that encourage employees to walk is a great way to promote healthy lifestyles in the office.

States celebrate walking holidays
While National Walking Day may have passed, Walk to Work Day is coming up soon. While some organizations celebrate the holiday on the first Friday of April, San Francisco will be encouraging its citizens to walk to work April 11. According to San Francisco’s Pedestrian Advocacy Organization, the city will be providing free breakfast, coffee and prizes to participants. Residents are encouraged to meet up with their city officials at a designated location for breakfast and discussion, then asked to walk to their office.

The organization has not only encouraged participation through its website, but it has used several social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to invite San Franciscans to join. Users who connect with the social pages and communicate via hashtags or virtual contests are entered into promotional giveaways.

Raising health awareness in the office
Companies that participate in these type of events have the chance to improve employees’ lifestyles by promoting healthy living, but there are ways in which employers can encourage workers to improve their lifestyles in the office. Asking employees to walk to work is a great option, but some staff members do not have the flexibility to participate, especially those who commute to the office each day. Instead, managers could ask them to join a recreational sports club, or provide in-office gym so they can exercise while they work.

Another great option for employers is to distribute promotional products to workers. Myron offers a number of items ideal for promoting physical health. Customized sports bottles, for example, not only allow workers to easily carry water, but also serve as a reminder for employees to remain hydrated throughout the day. Promotional lunch bags, on the other hand, could help encourage employees to pack their own lunches instead of venturing out and purchasing cheap, unhealthy meals.

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