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The benefits of distributing customized notepads

The benefits of distributing customized notepads

Whether a business is targeting college students or business professionals, distributing customized paper products can help spread brand awareness and attract new consumers. This type of promotional product comes in a number of forms, including notepads, journals and memo books. Typically, companies can place their logo not only on the outside of these books, but they can feature a watermark on each individual page as well. Businesses seeking practical items to distribute to their consumer base should consider customized notepads for the following reasons:

Notepads are universal
Unlike some products that may be best suited to a particular crowd, paper products are universal among a myriad of professions, individuals and companies. Whether fliptop notepads or executive portfolios are being distributed, they can reach a wide range of people. For example, companies visiting a career fair may consider handing out customized paper products to visitors. Even if the company is only hiring in the sales industry, passersby may be intrigued by the notepads available at the table. Artists may seek the blank paper for their creations, college students may desire extra paper for their thoughts and office workers may want the pads to jot down notes.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that these items were likely to be kept for an extended amount of time. According to the survey, consumers who received desk and office products kept the items for six months on average, which may be attributed to their high level of use in a number of forms.

They come in a variety of sizes
Whether a business is targeting on-the-go individuals who require smaller memo pads or younger crowds that would enjoy personalized journals in which to write, this type of product can conform to the needs of the desired group. These products can also come with varying amounts and types of paper, whether individuals prefer lined or blank pages. Additionally, some items can be refilled, meaning that once the consumer has used all pages within one book, they can purchase more paper to place within. By providing refillable items, companies ensure that once the paper has vanished from the inside, the shell featuring the company logo can continue to see use and promote the brand.

Useful items are more likely to spread company awareness
Items that consumers perceive as useful are more likely to spread a business’ brand, as a person will frequently have the product when they travel between locations. The ASI conducted a separate study in which they discovered that 83 percent of individuals keep this type of product because they believe it to be useful. As consumers continue to use these products at work, in their homes and in their leisure activities, the company’s brand spreads to a new potential consumer base.

One product that is both useful and unique is the micro sticky note book. This small booklet contains a variety of sticky notes in different colors. These notes can be placed on office documents, used as bookmarks or implemented into a student’s study habits. As individuals carry this book around, people in their surroundings may become intrigued by the product and associate the company’s logo with innovation.

Improved office operations
Distributing paper products among employees may be one of the best ways to improve efficiency in the office. Notepads, memo books and portfolios offer easy ways for workers to store their thoughts, important documents and company information. Providing them with these items may help improve the company’s day-to-day operations, as with increased employee involvement comes higher company output. Additionally, handing paper products out to business workers could also lead to better planning and more well-thought out project ideas.

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