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Reaching tech-savvy crowds with promotional products

Reaching tech-savvy crowds with promotional products

Businesses have many options when it comes to embracing technological initiatives, whether they’re creating and maintaining social media relations with their customers or using mobile apps to relay information to their constituents. Either way, moving a company along this path is essential for making communication between buyer and seller easier. Additionally, enacting technological initiatives in their operations allows companies to promote their ability to function in a high-tech world. Conveying this image is crucial for businesses, especially those wishing to capture younger or more high-end clients. Distributing tech promotional products is a great way for companies to assure their employees and buyers that the company is progressive, modern and practical.

Connecting brands to the 21st century
Providing consumers with a visual connection between a company’s brand and a tech object can be one of the most powerful messages a business can send. Even if the company does not have a strong connection to technology-related products, distributing this type of promotional product allows any person who views the brand to recognize its ability to adopt new initiatives. Additionally, businesses can connect these objects to their own operations, solidifying the consumers’ mental link between the brand image and modern technology.

For example, a coffee-selling company could begin distributing styluses meant to be used on touch-screen devices, such as cellphones and tablets. The business could explain the giveaway is to make accessing their mobile app or website easier. This assures customers that the company is not only thinking about their clients’ needs by handing out useful products, but also embracing the 21st century by making their company available on a variety of platforms.

Visiting college campuses with tech products
One demographic that can greatly benefit from tech products is the college crowd. One thing these young adults love more than free items is technology. This age group is frequently known as the early adopters, or those who seek out and use new technology items as soon as they become available on the market. Because of this, they are the ideal group for a tech giveaway. Assuring these individuals that the company embraces technology could help the business to expand their consumer base among these individuals.

Additionally, college campuses provide many areas in which managers can set up tech giveaways, including sports games, career fairs and student centers. Some tech products are especially useful for this specific crowd, such as a flash drive that features a company’s logo. Other items that greatly benefit college students include computer bags and calculators.

Tech products available for distribution
Promotional tech products have increased in popularity over the past few years as more companies embrace technological initiatives in the workplace. While some employers may express hesitation toward purchasing these objects because of their price, Steve Charles, a consultant at Vision Board Manifesting, explained that these prices indicate higher quality. He detailed that employers should seek products that will help further a brand, regardless of price. By distributing items that will be useful and fun for consumers, companies have the opportunity to exponentially increase their reach.

Myron offers a range of unique tech and media accessories for businesses to consider, ranging from items to be used with cellphones to those best suited for laptops. For example, the horizontal mobile phone stand allows customers to place their phones on the device, ideal for travelers who wish to watch TV while they fly or people who want to play music in their homes. The item is easily stored, lightweight and made of a durable material. Additionally, it features a large face on which a company’s name can be prominently displayed.

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