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Motivating employees with promotional products

Motivating employees with motivational gifts

Employees are the heart of a business. They help create and manage products, deal with consumers and craft working environments that are pleasing for all people in the company. Rewarding these individuals may be one of the best ways for executives to help boost employees’ working habits and skills. Several studies compiled by employment agencies have found that individuals who receive some sort of recognition for their work – whether it be a physical gift or monetary compensation – are more likely to perform better in the office. Executives should consider the ways in which they can give back to their workers.

Employees who receive recognition are happier
The mood of the individuals who work in an office can help to shape a company’s culture. Employees who are unsociable or seemingly down in the dumps can create harmful images for a brand, especially when consumers interact with these workers. Researchers at Ixaris found that to make employees happier, companies should consider giving them gifts.

The Ixaris Study of Reward & Incentive Preferences detailed that 80 percent of employees surveyed responded that receiving rewards made them feel as if their work was valued. The report concluded that implementing these types of award programs – whether they’re on a quarterly or achievement-based system – are crucial for increasing the mood and efforts put forth by workers. John Chaplin, chairman of the organization, detailed in a written foreward that employers would greatly benefit from showing appreciation in any form.

“The reward and incentive marketplace continues to evolve with new award products and new ways to deliver value,” Chaplin wrote. “What is not changing however is the need for employers to recognize the contributions of their employees and to motivate them to maximize those contributions. Rewards and incentives have a demonstrable positive return and thus their continued growth is nearly certain.”

Rewarding hard workers leads to better return
Ixaris is not the only organization to discover the power of rewards for employees. Glassdoor conducted an Employee Appreciation Survey and discovered that 81 percent of employees reported that they experienced higher motivation to work when officials recognized their talents. However, only 68 percent of current workers felt as though their bosses were showing enough appreciation in the office. Additionally, 53 percent reported that they would stay with a certain company for a longer period of time if they felt appreciated by their boss. If employers were to implement more rewarding tactics, results indicate that productivity in the workplace would increase as well.

Business2Community reported that several benefits can come from these sorts of programs, especially those that distribute physical products to their workers. If employers gave out items that prominently featured a business’ brand, employees are more likely to use them long after their tenure with a certain organization. B2C added that this kind of tactic was also more likely to increase existing employees’ loyalty to a certain brand, as they would continue to seek products that matched their current gift.

Promotional products are perfect incentives 
Myron offers a range of employee recognition gifts available for corporations to purchase for their workforce. For employers who seek rewards that may benefit a worker in his or her everyday life, they should consider promotional coolers, which can be used to bring one’s lunch to work. Additionally, purchasing backpacks with a company logo may be a more practical option, as employees can use these to carry important documents, bring on a camping trip or lend to their schoolchildren.

Managers looking for more illustrious rewards have several options as well, including the Status Crystal Clock. This item is the perfect accessory for any office, and features a beautiful crystalline design that can be engraved with a company’s name.

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