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Educate consumers about their health

Educate consumers about their health

February is National Wise Health Care Consumer Month, a time for people to educate themselves about smart choices in the exceedingly complex world of health care. Some organizations are already taking efforts to partake in the month-long initiative by promoting a greater understanding of health care options among consumers. Businesses that also want to contribute can follow suit, as well as encourage some more commonsense health care tips via health-related promotional products.

Lessons in health care
Arizona College is among those organizations participating in the education of consumers, having released a number of tips to become a Wise Health Consumer. Those tips include taking time to select a doctor, preparing for doctor’s visits, keeping track of medications and gaining a better understanding of health insurance plans. The RAND Corporation released a report for officials and scientists that details how to make public reports on quality and cost of health care more understandable to consumers. Meanwhile, the American Institute for Preventive Medicine is offering employers a wise health care consumerism toolkit, so that employees can grasp the nuances of their own plans.

Businesses looking to get involved can start by downloading the toolkit, which will help to educate the office about health care. Additionally, they may want to post similar lists of tips on their websites and blogs so that more consumers can operate effectively. Lastly, though, companies can use the occasion as inspiration for some thoughtful promo items, which may even be given away in conjunction with educational brochures and pamphlets. Here are just a few of the better product ideas:

Hand sanitizer
Virtually everyone knows the importance of hand washing, but it’s always a good idea to remind people just how important it is to do so, whether they’ve finished preparing a meal with raw ingredients or about to treat a cut or wound. However, people may not always find themselves near running water. If that’s the case, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Companies can pass out small bottles of the cleaner to promote clean hands on the go.

First aid kit
The Boy Scouts of America lives by the motto, “Be Prepared,” but those words are advice that everyone should heed. A first aid kit should be readily available both in the home as well as in the trunk of a car, as people never know when an emergency situation will arise. One way to educate consumers is to inform them of all the materials that should be found in a first aid kit, as listed by The American Red Cross, and all of the places its worth keeping one. To emphasize the value of preparedness, first aid kits can also be used as a great and handy promotional item.

Water bottles
Water truly is the elixir of life. As the CDC notes, it helps regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, protect the spine and maintain organ function. Yet, people often struggle to drink enough water throughout the day. Fortunately, water bottles make a great promotional item and make it easy for people to hydrate wherever they are. Businesses should take pains to educate people about the importance of hydration along with handing the bottles out. It may also be a fun idea at trade shows to incorporate some form of water-related game, such as having to guess how much water a container holds.

Stress balls
These are the classic health-related promotional product, but some people wonder if they really work. While not necessarily as effective as exercise or meditation, stress balls can help people let out some energy. Given that prolonged levels of stress can be damaging to people’s health, handing these out may be doing plenty of people a favor.

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