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Circumvent sticky office party situations with the help of promotional items

Circumvent sticky office party situations with the help of promotional items

The office holiday party almost always puts company representatives in a compromising position. While staff members would love to let loose a little and participate in all of the festive fun possible at these annual events, they also know that they have to maintain some sort of decorum. That said, there are various ways to avoid getting stuck in certain gray zone situations, including those involving the use of business promotional items. These can enable employees to enjoy themselves, while still making Emily Post proud.

Don’t draw a blank on names
Let’s face it, not many people out there have a Rolodex ingrained in their brains. Forgetting the names of some staff members and colleagues is bound to happen at some point, especially at company-wide events where the turnout is major compared to Monday morning meetings.

Time Magazine provided several suggestions to prevent sticky name situations from occurring. Before office party attendees arrive at the event, they should review who is who. By scanning their workplaces every day and trying to attribute a name to each face, they could improve their odds of getting everyone straight.

If they come to find that they have issues when it comes to recognizing certain people, they should be certain to follow up and take investigative measures to identify those mystery individuals before the holiday season soirée. This is particularly important if John or Jane Doe are in positions of superiority. The last thing that representatives looking for promotions want to do is forget the names of those deciding their employment fate.

However, this situation can be just as awkward for higher-ranking personnel spacing on the staff members’ names. To prevent this from happening, managers and organization owners can help themselves and others out by giving their employees personalized business gifts that feature their representatives’ names. Not only will these customized presents reward personnel for their hard work, but they will also better guarantee that no one is calling Sarah from the sales department “Susan.”

Try not to be that person
Office parties, although intended for seasonal celebration, pose as perfect opportunities for employees to do some networking. No matter the line of work staff members may be in, they can capitalize on these events to connect with those who are higher up on the corporate ladder and make themselves known.

“An office party is such a great time to make those connections,” Karen Elizaga, executive coach, told New York’s Metro News. “Somebody who works outside of your immediate vicinity or who you want to pay special gratitude to because they helped you get something done – it’s a really great time to connect.”

Bearing this in mind, representatives should be sure that they are getting noticed for all of the right reasons. While causing some kind of controversy may excellent for celebrities trying to make Page Six, it is not recommended for employees planning to advance in their careers.

Never look foolish when networking
This means that personnel should avoid looking sloppy, keeping their composure so that they can make a positive impression. To ensure that this happens, staff members should limit the amount of alcohol they’re consuming. Being apparently drunk is not a good look for anyone, especially those trying to prove that they deserve more responsibilities and authority in their companies.

Additionally, there are numerous networking faux pas that representatives will want to dodge. For instance, handshakes still serve as indications of employee strength. These should be firm to convey self-confidence. On top of that, they shouldn’t be held back by clammy hands. By utilizing holiday party promotional items like customized company Koozies, representatives can sip their drinks in moderation without making their hands cold and their handshakes weak.

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