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Plan promotional contests for any occasion

Plan promotional contests for any occasion

For companies dealing with nearly any type of business, a significant component of their marketing strategies are normally centered around certain holidays. While there are a number of opportune occasions throughout the year that allow organizations to boost their sales, some may consider wintertime festivities to be the most fruitful. Bearing this in mind, enterprises should go the extra mile by rewarding their seasonal shoppers with promotional items.

Businesses should try to appeal to consumers when they are in an exceptionally festive mood or, from a more utilitarian point of view, are in need of a gift. Because of this, marketers are likely to inform their organizations that there is no better way to attract customers than showing that they are sharing in the spirit of the season by featuring fitting deals as a form of celebration.

According to Second Street Promotions Lab, company representatives need to rein in all of their excitement and take a tactical approach to handling the holidays. By sitting down and creating a comprehensive calendar that lays out all of the unique offers that their businesses will extend over the course of the year, they will have a better chance of carrying out successful sales geared toward any occasion.

Marketing teams should be thorough during these preliminary planning stages. It is not enough to identify specific holidays throughout the year and make tentative suggestions for promotions. Instead, companies should draw up an in-depth outline of all their offers – from start dates to seasonal slogans. This way, business will be prepared as soon as a holiday comes around, saving them from scrambling to put together a proper promotion at the last second.

Celebrate with creative contests
If companies try to tackle the bulk of this planning all in one sitting, some may find that their creative juices start to dwindle as they continue to cross holidays off of their to-do list. Paragon Digital Marketing recommended that organizations spice up their festive campaigns by holding online contests through which they can award winners with promotional giveaways.

One of the trendiest and most effective ways in which businesses are now hosting contests is through Pinterest. Enterprises ask customers to interact with their photos, whether it be by commenting on them or repinning them. Then, businesses select winners and send them a free promo items for their contribution.

By engaging Internet users on this site, organizations can encourage them to participate in promotions that will allow consumers to win free paraphernalia. As a result, companies can generate publicity for their products and pique public interest.

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