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Charm customers with holiday shopping incentives

Charm customers with holiday shopping incentives

For most businesses, the holiday season is when they have to kick their sales initiatives into overdrive. With so many companies competing for consumer attention, it can be tiring for enterprises to make a continuous effort to appeal to shoppers. However, they can save some energy by offering customers incentives such as celebratory events and promotional giveaways.

Even though some organizations may view the holidays as a short sprint to drive up sales, it is important that companies broaden their perspective and see that this shopping season is actually just a part of a year-long marathon. Businesses want to guarantee that they seize the immediate opportunity to raise revenue. That said, they should also make customer retention a priority during this critical time.

Entrepreneur Magazine advised that companies channel a significant portion of their attention toward ensuring customers coming into their stores have an enjoyable experience. Why should they spend resources marketing their products if they fail to seal the deal? Any consumers who take the time to visit their shop should not only leave with a purchase in hand, but also with plans of returning for future transactions.

Kick customer service up a notch
As always, staff members should be warm and attentive to customers. But they will have to do better than that throughout the holidays. This time of year, companies have to up the ante and feature seasonal novelties that will surpass consumer expectations.

According to Business 2 Community, one of the best ways for organizations to create a unique shopping experience for customers is by throwing a holiday event. This can be done at a low cost and can persuade new customers to pass by the store – coming for the party, staying for the fun and shopping for the steals.

All vendors have to do is advertise their events online and word will get out. By using a variety of social media channels, they will manage to reach a wide audience. Even if some shoppers are not able to come, this will increase brand awareness, which may lead to other sales further down the road.

During the in-store celebrations, organizations should also extend free merchandise to patrons making purchases, Entrepreneur Magazine recommended. By rewarding consumers for their business by handing out promotional gifts, enterprises will do two things – express their gratitude for the sale, in addition to providing paying customers with a sense of positive reinforcement. As a result, they can set themselves up for future success and foster a loyal following.

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