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3 great November holidays for promotional giveaways

3 great November holidays for promotional giveaways

October is sadly racing toward its conclusion, which means small business owners have to start looking ahead to November to decide when to schedule their next promotional giveaways. While the 11th month of the year’s biggest holiday is Thanksgiving, there are some other celebrations that entrepreneurs should consider when picking days for their marketing events.

Read on for three great November holidays for your next giveaway.

National Author’s Day
According to the Westminster Patch, November 1 is National Author’s Day. The news source reports that Jane Kennedy Sutton wrote on her blog that the holiday was established in 1928 “by Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, president of the Bement, Ill., Women’s Club.” The goal of the day is obviously to celebrate American authors and their contributions to literature.

There are a number of ways small businesses can recognize National Author’s Day. Perhaps the simplest strategy is to emblazon famous quotes from American authors on promotional note pads and wall calendars. This ensures that customers will remember wise words that some of the United States’ most brilliant scribes have ever written.

Alternatively, entrepreneurs can distribute note pads and promotional pens and encourage clients to start writing their own books. By giving consumers the tools they need to embark on a literary adventure, a small business may contribute to the next great American novel.

Take a Hike Day
Even though it will be November and the weather will likely be cooler than usual, that doesn’t mean customers can’t enjoy the great outdoors. Days of the Year reports that November 17 is Take a Hike Day, which likely makes it the perfect opportunity for people to go outside.

Small business owners can motivate clients to go for a hike by distributing promotional water bottles. The beverage containers are perfect for outdoor adventures as they’ll help customers stay hydrated.

Further, many models are built from durable materials so they can withstand the rigors of a long hike. Clients can likely drop the bottles on a hill without having to worry about them suffering any damage.

Entrepreneurs should hand out these promotional items before November 17 so that recipients will have time to go hiking on the actual holiday and won’t have to save their adventurous plans for a weekend. Customers will appreciate businesses that schedule their giveaways appropriately so that they can enjoy Take a Hike Day as it was intended. 

National Cashew Day
Finally, after a long month of reading and hiking, customers will likely want to sit down and enjoy a nice snack. Fortunately, November has the perfect holiday for that very objective as the 23rd is National Cashew Day. Holiday Insight explains that there isn’t any official government record decreeing that this is a national celebration, but few people would argue that enjoying some delicious cashews is the worst way to spend a late November day. Further, the founder has yet to be uncovered, but the news source speculates that he or she must be a rather nutty individual.

Obviously, small businesses should hand out cashews on National Cashew Day. The Milk Chocolate Cashews Confection Box is the perfect gift to distribute on the holiday. Customers will love receiving a nice bag of nuts and chocolate to snack on throughout the day.

However, entrepreneurs must also be careful to avoid giving the food to any clients who may be allergic to cashews. Company leaders should ask people whether they have any medical issues so that the enterprise won’t endanger anyone. Taking this step will ensure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable National Cashew Day.

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