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Medical practices can add support to National Chiropractic Health Month with promotional marketing products

Medical practices can add support to National Chiropractic Health Month with promotional marketing products

Medical practices focused on promoting health-focused educational initiatives may want to consider participating in National Chiropractic Health Month. Held each October, the nationwide campaign is dedicated to activities that educate patients about the benefits of chiropractic care, regardless of age, occupation or fitness level.

This year’s theme is “Discover Chiropractic: Find Your Game” and a toolkit is being offered to practices. According to the American Chiropractic Association, the kit is outfitted with a number of resources that assist in the planning and implementation of National Chiropractic Health Month activities at both a local and regional level.

A medical practice that wishes to do more to raise awareness about the benefits of chiropractic health may want to consider pairing the toolkit with promotional marketing products. The following are exceptional items that can be used in giveaways or simply given to patients who walk in the door.

Regatta Horizons Pocket Pal® Calendar with Notepad
A medical office looking to help patients remember appointments and National Chiropractic Health Month can provide this personalized weekly pocket calendar and notepad. The promotional business gift can have a logo or custom imprint on the cover to promote the medical practice. For larger health networks, a medical office can print the logo of a sister practice that specializes in chiropractic health. The Regatta Horizons Pocket Pal® Calendar with Notepad helps patients or employees remember appointments and future health tests.

Cardiff Promo Pen
Patients often enjoy receiving custom pens after attending various appointments. Pens act like a subtle, small reminder about the services a business has provided. The Cardiff Promo Pen has a four-sided design to make the item stand out from a crowd and features a non-slip ergonomic comfort grip that makes it a comfortable fit in a person’s hand. A business can consider using the pen as a subtle reminder about the importance of chiropractic health with a logo or phrase. Pens are both fun and functional, which is why they are often considered the ideal promotional marketing product. What’s unique about this product is the ability to print on additional areas of the pen, which ensures that branded content is visible from all angles.

Aluminum 3 LED Promotional Flashlight
A business can shine a light on the health benefits of chiropractic care during the month of October. This upcoming month is dedicated to participating in the National Chiropractic Health movement and educating the public about how they can keep themselves safe. Medical professionals can distribute the Aluminum 3 LED Promotional Flashlight to help patients remember to schedule a future meeting dedicated to chiropractic health. This flashlight can be imprinted with a medical practice’s logo, name or personalized message. Because the flash light stays attached to a patient’s keys, a practice benefits from individuals seeing the message frequently. A business can keep customers thinking about how they need to make an appointment for a checkup with this long-lasting promotional tool.

26 Oz. Kona Stainless Steel Sports Bottle
Regular checkups on chiropractic health are important for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age or occupation. However, for those who regularly work out or have a physically demanding job, it may be especially important to get a checkup to ensure everything is in working order. A promotional water bottle can motivate clients who participate in these activities to make appointments. The 26 Oz. Kona Stainless Steel Sports Bottle is a great sports bottle for those who are active and can casually remind those who drink from it to get a regular checkup.

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