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Recognize volunteers' work with promotional products for Make a Difference Day

Recognize volunteers’ work with promotional products for Make a Difference Day

Volunteers play a crucial role in organizations by performing necessary tasks and raising awareness for various causes. From feeding the hungry to fighting to stamp out cancer, many people find it worthwhile to donate their time and effort to charities. For many organizations, volunteers make up a significant percentage of a workforce and help get projects off the ground. As a result, it’s important to take the time to recognize these individuals and thank them for their efforts. By providing promotion marketing products as a gift to volunteers, an organization not only shows a person that it notices the work he or she is doing, but the items also serve as lasting advertisements.

For the past 20 years, USA WEEKEND Magazine and Points of Light have sponsored Make a Difference Day, which is the largest national day of community service. According to the sponsors, millions of people across the world work together to make the world a better place with a wide range of volunteer opportunities. After volunteers participate in a project, recognize their efforts with a promotional marketing product.

1) 18 Oz. Fruit Infusion Logo Tumbler
Everyone loves sipping on their favorite beverage out of a reusable tumbler. By drinking from a plastic container, volunteers can reduce waste instead of buying new containers each time. The 21 Oz. Fruitilicious Infusion Tumbler is the ideal cup for health conscious volunteers who want to make their own delicious cool beverages and carry the drink around without making a mess. The inner basket within the tumbler allows someone to place fresh fruit inside the container so that water is infused with the flavor of delicious fruit.

2) Transport It Logo Tote
Reusable bags have grown in popularity the past few years as many people now realize how alternatives are harmful and unsustainable. In addition to saving the environment, a tote is more durable than plastic bags. The Transport It Logo Tote bag features a front slip pocket for comfort, pen and business card pockets, mesh water bottle pocket and side cell phone pocket. These features and the sleek design make this bag an ideal option for commuters who have to carry plenty of materials. Volunteers will also be impressed by the ability to affiliate themselves with a cause or organization they feel strongly about with a modern logo design on the bag.

3) Thank You Tin – Butter Toffee
After helping a good cause out, many people like to take a little treat for themselves. What’s a better way to celebrate volunteers on Make a Difference Day than by providing everyone with a personal Thank You Tin filled with Butter Toffee? This is an ideal gift idea for a large group of volunteers because everyone can relax after a day of hard work by taking a small snack break. In addition to the lovely sweet treat, the tin that the candy is placed in is sleek and modern and can be used for other things once the gift is consumed. Place the organization’s name or logo on the lid so that the recipient will always remember where he or she got it.

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