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How to celebrate National Relaxation Day

How to celebrate National Relaxation Day

Some days are perfect for unwinding and that’s certainly the case on August 15. According to Days of the Year, that date is officially designated as National Relaxation Day. The entire objective of the holiday is to get away from the daily grind and relax for once.

This is an occasion that small business owners should recognize in order to improve employee retention and combat burnout. A recent study conducted by the Families and Work Institute shows that nearly a third of all American workers “feel overworked or overwhelmed” by their daily responsibilities. Carlton Yearwood, director of diversity and work-life quality at  PricewaterhouseCoopers, which co-sponsored the report, explained the findings indicate a troubling trend.

“We believe the implications of this study are significant. The fact that so many employees report feeling overworked is a warning sign that it is important to constantly reassess and recalibrate how we treat people in the workplace. This study shows that the consequences of overwork for workplace safety, job performance and staff retention are clear and direct,” Yearwood said.

Indeed, this can be a huge issue for entrepreneurs. If staff members feel overwhelmed, they may start scouring listings in hopes of finding a better opportunity at another company. While workers complete their job searches, productivity will likely plummet.

This means that small business owners need to celebrate National Relaxation Day in order to boost workplace satisfaction and employee retention. Below are a few fun ideas for recognizing this great holiday.

Leave early
Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Relaxation Day is to cut hours so employees can actually enjoy the spirit of the day. After all, it’s nearly impossible to relax at work, even if the boss has said that he or she wants all staff members to put their feet up and take a break.

Small business owners should consider closing early for at least one day so contributors have the opportunity to relax. Even though employees won’t have time to go on vacation, it can be nice to beat rush hour traffic and arrive home before everyone to sit in peace and quiet for a few hours.

This gesture is likely sufficient for ensuring that employees are satisfied and smiling. Every staff member deserves a short break, especially on National Relaxation Day. Small business owners should cut their teams some slack in recognition of the holiday.

Have a party
Sometimes the best way to blow off some steam is to have a party. Entrepreneurs should consider holding small celebrations on National Relaxation Day so employees can have some fun and break away from the daily grind.

These parties don’t have to be lavish affairs like the epic and fictitious soirees that Jay Gatsby once held in West Egg. The gatherings don’t even have to rival most birthday parties as long as they’re fun and give staff members a short break. For instance, small business owners can buy lunch for the entire team and close the establishment for an hour or two so workers can enjoy their meals without having to worry about clients coming in to buy merchandise or ask questions.

Of course, a party isn’t complete without some presents for all of the attendees. Personalized business gifts are perfect for ensuring that employees enjoy the celebrations and have fun on National Relaxation Day.

The best presents are the ones that’ll help staff members relax beyond August 15. For instance, a customized coffee mug may be ideal for workers who are stressed out if they can’t have some warm java first thing in the morning.

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