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How to host a Labor Day event for customers and employees

How to host a Labor Day event for customers and employees

While August is devoid of major holidays, there is one shortly after the month concludes. September starts off with Labor Day, a holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer. According to the United States Department of Labor, the first Monday in September is Labor Day to celebrate “the social and economic achievements of American workers” and recognize all the contributions that people have made over the last year.

Ironically, no one knows who put forth the effort to actually create the holiday. The DOL explains that there are documents that show that Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, was the first develop an idea for a holiday. However, other reports show that Matthew Maguire, a machinist, proposed the holiday to the Central Labor Union in New York during his tenure as secretary.

Perhaps the creation of the holiday isn’t as important as the what the day represents. Ultimately, Labor Day is all about employees who put forth strong efforts every single day for their companies. These professionals pour their blood, sweat and tears into their jobs and deserve to be celebrated.

For small business owners, this means planning special events for their staff members. Additionally, it’s important that entrepreneurs help their clients celebrate Labor Day because many consumers are dedicated employees at other companies. The following is a list of planning tips for Labor Day celebrations.

Timing is everything
Small business owners want to host events for Labor Day, but the gatherings shouldn’t just be held on the actual holiday. For one, Labor Day is on a Monday, which means many people may prefer to prepare for the work week over visiting an establishment.

Entrepreneurs should capitalize on the entire weekend. Special celebrations and promotional giveaways can be held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to ensure that every customer and employee has an opportunity to attend. This strategy also ensures that small business owners can vary their schedules so every staff member has at least one day off in recognition of the holiday.

Another benefit of this approach is that small business owners can optimize attendance for three days. Many people, both consumers and workers, go on small vacations on Labor Day weekend so attending a company event might not be high on the to-do list. By extending a celebration to three days, entrepreneurs can ensure that everyone can stop by after or before their trips.

Have gifts
Labor Day is a celebration of workers so employers should distribute unique presents to all of their contributors. Personalized business gifts should be given to every employee to show appreciation for their dedication and effort over the last year. Tablet cases, desk clocks, customized pens and other items with everyday functionality are great for showing staff members that their efforts have been noticed. These gifts are also extremely professional so small business owners don’t accidently overstep their bounds by giving personal products that would be better given to friends and family members.

For customers, entrepreneurs need to find great gifts for everyone. Tenured clients can receive personalized presents because their loyalty deserves to be rewarded. Many of the items that small business owners would give to employees would also be effective when given to buyers. For other patrons, promotional items may be sufficient for Labor Day gifts. Promotional pens, wall calendars and magnets all show appreciation and are appropriate for the holiday. Alternatively, small business owners can distribute chocolates that look like gold coins to take a literal approach to the phrase “tokens of appreciation.”

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