National Smile Week is in August

There is a special week in August that’s the perfect opportunity for dentists to reach out to their patients and emphasize the importance of good oral health. According to Holiday Insights, the second week of the month is National Smile Week.

Everyone dreams of having pearly whites, but very few people take sufficient care of their teeth to achieve that goal. Brushing at least twice per day and flossing are important, but regular trips to the dentist are also critical to ensuring that one’s smile is perfect.

Of course, some patients might not understand how critical is to have their teeth cleaned at least once a year by a medical professional. As a result, these people won’t have the beautiful smiles that their hearts desire.

Promotional marketing products can help dentists capitalize on National Smile Week. Health care providers should use special imagery to ensure that patients remember to set their appointments as soon as possible. For instance, promotional magnets modeled after a tooth might be the best way to motivate clients to schedule their next cleanings sooner rather than later. Ultimately, this will help improve business and ensure that every patient has a gorgeous smile.

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