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Planning an anniversary celebration

Planning an anniversary celebration

Many small business owners are lucky enough to celebrate multiple anniversaries because their companies manage to thrive for years on end, even in today’s uncertain economic market. These are grand occasions that entrepreneurs should enjoy because they are the culmination of another successful year.

While some professionals may want to celebrate in private, this is a faulty practice. Small businesses depend on their customers’ continued patronage, so owners should include their clients in their anniversaries.

Planning these joyous occasions can be somewhat difficult as entrepreneurs have to ensure that their celebrations are unique and fun for everyone involved. To that end, the following are some helpful tips for planning a business anniversary.

Pick a theme
Of course, the main point of the celebration is to acknowledge the company’s success, but some consumers might not appreciate that idea. A couple banners with a number noting the business’ age may not be sufficient for creating a fun atmosphere for customers.

To truly create a fun event, small business owners should pick unique theme for their anniversaries. For instance, summertime celebrations can be centered around the beach while winter parties can be focused on the holidays or seasonal activities.

By choosing a theme, entrepreneurs will have more options for decorating and planning their events. Banners, balloons and other items can be brought in to establish an inviting atmosphere that customers will love and want to visit. Further, a great theme may generate positive word of mouth and social media buzz so even more clients will attend.

Have giveaways
The Houston Chronicle explains that promotional giveaways should be part of business anniversaries because they’re effective for attracting customers. Indeed, small gifts like pens, mugs and water bottles are great for generating interest in an event because patrons love receiving presents.

Small business owners should advertise the giveaway portion of their celebrations to ensure record-high attendance. Pictures of promotional marketing products can be uploaded to social network pages and included in other resources like direct mail and flyers.

The gifts should include some standard imagery, including a business’ logo and phone number or web address. However, the sponsored products also have to include special features to acknowledge the company’s achievement. For instance, “5th anniversary” can be emblazoned on promotional items at an establishment that’s been around for half of a decade.

The key benefit of distributing unique promotional products is that the strategy puts lasting advertisements into consumers’ hands. Every time patrons use their items, they’ll be exposed to marketing content and develop brand recognition. In the long run, this means that clients will remember a business and be more likely to buy more products or services in the future.

Prizes and discounts
According to the Houston Chronicle, prizes and discounts can also be used during anniversaries. These elements contribute to an enjoyable atmosphere that customers enjoy. Small business owners can use either of these features or develop unique strategies for combining them to ensure that the celebrations are successful and attract large crowds of clients.

For instance, entrepreneurs can give away discounts as prizes for special contests. Customers can be asked to enter a drawing with a large percentage off of their next purchase as the grand prize. Many consumers will likely participate in order to save money. What’s more, this approach presents a number of benefits to a small business. First, the winners will have to buy merchandise in order to capitalize on their discounts, which means a guaranteed sale for the company. Owners can also require participants to be in the establishment in order to win and that can lead to impulse purchases while clients wait for the drawing.

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