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Town giving away reusable tote bags

Town giving away reusable tote bags

With increasing frequency, town governments are trying to curb pollution by convincing residents to capitalize on reusable tote bags instead of disposable models. For instance, the Westhampton-Hampton Bays Patch reports that Southampton recently distributed canvas bags to consumers who pledged to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic models.

This program was quite successful in 2012. The news source explains that Chris Nuzzi and Preston Scalera, two council representatives, distributed approximately 1,000 totes last year in an effort to make Southampton more eco-friendly by combating the environmental problems caused by plastic bags.

This is a tactic that small business owners can replicated during promotional giveaways. Entrepreneurs can distribute promotional tote bags and ask customers to pledge to stop using plastic models that harm the environment. Many clients will likely honor their commitments and go to great lengths to use their logo-emblazoned totes instead of disposable bags.

This strategy also has an advertising benefit. When customers use their promotional bags, they’ll display a company’s logo to everyone in the immediate area. Essentially, the promotional items will help turn clients into brand advocates because they’ll regularly display corporate imagery to other consumers.

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