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Promotional wall calendars are great for giveaways

Promotional wall calendars are great for giveaways

The year is already more than half over so small business owners have to start planning promotional giveaways for the final months and prepare for 2014. For marketing events during the latter portion of 2013, entrepreneurs should distribute promotional wall calendars to their customers.

The early bird gets the worm, and professionals who act now can have great schedules to hand out to all of their clients in the coming months. The calendars are effective marketing tools because they advertise for a company for an entire year, and few other resources can match that kind of staying power.

There are a wide range of 2014 calendars to choose from. Small business owners can pick models with pictures of adorable animals, breathtaking landscapes and patriotic imagery, among others. Additionally, entrepreneurs will receive free imprints at the bottom of their calendars. The imprint can include logos, coupons and other promotional content to help bolster brand equity.

Sponsored calendars can be the ideal tools to market a business well into 2014. Small business owners should act fast so they can gain marketing advantages over their competitors and find new customers.

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