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Celebrate Independence Day with red, white and blue promos!

Celebrate Independence Day with red, white and blue promos!

With the arrival of July, many Americans are looking forward to Independence Day. The holiday is one of the most beloved of the year because it’s one of the few days when consumers can celebrate their heritage.

Small business owners can celebrate this holiday by distributing promotional marketing products that are decorated with patriotic imagery. While there’s a range of American icons that entrepreneurs can emblazon on their sponsored items, the easiest ones to use are the colors red, white and blue.

The hues are synonymous with the United States, but some consumers might not know what they actually represent. According to The American Legion, the three colors have significant meanings:

  • Red – hardiness and valor
  • White – purity and innocence
  • Blue – vigilance, perseverance and justice

All of these characteristics are supposed to represent the country’s traits and how the U.S. wants to be viewed on the world stage.

Small business owners can teach their customers about the colors’ significance on Independence Day. This knowledge can help clients appreciate their nation’s history and what it means to be a great American, which will lead to even more meaningful celebrations on July 4.

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