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Celebrate Chocolate Day on July 7

Celebrate Chocolate Day on July 7

Some holidays are just too good to be true. For instance, Independence Day is a day chock full of celebrations in which Americans have barbecues and watch firework shows while celebrating their country’s rich heritage. Obviously, the Fourth of July is a fun day for almost everyone, and it seems unbelievable how perfect the occasion is.

For consumers who can’t have enough sweet treats, the holiday that seems too good to be true occurs on July 7. According to Holiday Insights, that day is known as Chocolate Day, an annual celebration of one of the most beloved flavors on the planet. The news source explains that chocolate in almost all of its forms, from candy to cake and ice cream to cereal, is arguably Americans’ favorite flavor.

It’s hard to argue with Holiday Insights’ theory. After all, it’s almost expected for some type of chocolate treat to be served after dinner. What’s more, many children would probably say that their favorite part of Halloween is receiving free candy, not dressing up and scaring each other while in costume.

Indeed, it’s hard to deny the popularity of chocolate. Other flavors go through extreme periods of adoration, but chocolate consistently manages to stay near the top no matter what the current trends are.

As a result, Chocolate Day might be the sweetest day of the year. Unlike the two other major candy holidays, Halloween and Easter, chocolate lovers are left to enjoy their sweets without being bothered with other traditions, such as carving pumpkins and coloring eggs.

July 7 also represents a great opportunity for small business owners to hold promotional giveaways and generate excitement for their brands. The holiday practically gives entrepreneurs a great theme for the gifts to distribute – small tins of candy will be very well received by chocolate lovers on the special day.

Customers will love walking into a small business and receiving some chocolate in commemoration of Chocolate Day. Consumers can enjoy their sweet treats while they browse through the aisles and look for merchandise. Even restaurateurs can join in the fun by handing out delightful candy for dessert so diners can satisfy their sweet tooth.

What’s great about giving away tins of candy is that consumers will develop brand recognition even after they finished all of the chocolate stored inside. Many customers will take the logo-emblazoned containers home and see a company’s logos on a regular basis. This helps ensure that small business will reap long-term benefits from Chocolate Day.

Remember to take precautions
Of course, Chocolate Day isn’t all fun and games as small business owners have to take special precautions for the holiday. To begin with, entrepreneurs have to worry about the temperature ruining the celebrations before they can even begin. In July, the weather is usually stiflingly hot and can easily melt chocolate, which no one enjoys. To combat this issue and prevent the waste of perfectly good candy, company leaders should store their chocolate in cool spaces. This may actually help consumers enjoy their treats more than usual because the candy will provide a nice chill on a hot summer day.

Additionally, small business owners should keep alternative candies on hand in case some customers have allergies and can’t eat chocolate. While they can’t enjoy the holiday’s namesake, it doesn’t mean that clients should be forced to watch their friends enjoy sweets on July 7. Entrepreneurs can distribute Swedish fish and gummy bears to patrons who can’t eat chocolate because of their health concerns. Taking this step will show that company leaders want all of their customers to have fun on Chocolate Day.

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