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Minor July holidays for your promotional giveaways

Minor July holidays for your promotional giveaways

Small business owners are always looking for perfect opportunities to schedule their next promotional giveaways. With June rapidly heading toward it’s conclusion, entrepreneurs have to start looking ahead to July for marketing opportunities. The seventh month of the year features a major American holiday within its first four days, but that leaves the rest of the time open. After all, a company can’t ride the promotional momentum from Independence Day for another four weeks.

To that end, small business owners should consider using July’s minor celebrations for marketing purposes. Turning small holidays into great giveaways is a strong strategy that can help a company boost brand recognition. What’s more, some consumers might not know of a holiday’s existence so the giveaways will also be somewhat educational. Here are three great July days on which you should hold a marketing event.

Cow Appreciation Day
Female cattle don’t receive the recognition they so richly deserve. Fortunately, small business owners can right this wrong by celebrating Cow Appreciation Day, which is held annually on July 12, according to Days Of The Year. The entire day is dedicated to cows and how they benefit people on an everyday basis.

Cow Appreciation Day might not seem like the ideal marketing opportunity, but it actually does have great potential with a little planning and some creativity. The first step is to celebrate cows by distributing black-and-white promotional items that are modeled after the animal’s unique coat. By using the color scheme on sponsored gifts, entrepreneurs can celebrate the importance of cows while simultaneously spicing up advertisements.

However, small business owners can’t forget to include other decorations on the cow-themed items. Logos and catch phrases still have to be used to ensure that consumers will develop brand recognition from the promotional marketing products.

National Junk Food Day
While many consumers try to lead healthy lifestyles and stick to nutritious diets, it’s hard for many people to avoid the temptation of junk food. From chips and hotdogs to cake and ice cream, it’s almost impossible to say no to a delicious treat even when the health plan says the snack should be avoided at all costs.

Luckily, July includes a holiday dedicated specifically to eating poorly. Punchbowl explains that July 21 is National Junk Food Day in the United States and is geared toward celebrating all of the foods that people love but shouldn’t eat.

National Junk Food Day is the perfect opportunity for consumers to cheat on their diets by eating special treats, and small business owners can help by giving away tins of candy as unique promotional products all day long. Small boxes of chocolate are perfect for helping customers satisfy their cravings for something sweet. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can distribute small packs of gummy bears and Swedish fish on the holiday.

Amelia Earhart Day
The last great minor holiday in July is Amelia Earhart Day. Holiday Insights explains that the day is observed on July 24 as it was the pilot’s birthday. The goal of the day is to raise awareness for Earhart, her contributions to aviation and the high standard she set for women everywhere by showing she could do anything a man could.

Small business owners should mark this occasion by included pictures of planes on promotional items. Additionally, products should be labeled with the holiday’s name so that consumers understand why items are being given out. Alternatively, facts about Earhart in promotional calendars so consumers can learn all about the pioneer throughout the year. This may be the best way to celebrate her birthday as people won’t just think of her on July 24.

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