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Top 5 promotional items for June

Top 5 promotional items for June

With June’s arrival, small business owners should find new ways to market their businesses. After all, using old strategies can hurt a brand’s image by boring consumers. Additionally, what worked great in May may no longer be effective a month later so entrepreneurs should be ready to adapt by refreshing their advertising plans.

One way small business owners can liven up their marketing plans is by using new promotional items. To that end, here are the top five sponsored products companies can give away in June.

All-in-1 Tote Bag & Umbrella
Though April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, rain doesn’t follow a monthly schedule as much as many people would like. In June, consumers expect the sun to shine and the clouds to clear so that every day can be perfect for trips to the beach. Even a light shower can ruin someone’s summer plans, but small business owners can help by distributing an all-in-one tote bag and umbrella.

The handy giveaway is a bag with a special compartment in the bottom that houses a foldable umbrella. The present is perfect for the summer because it allows consumers to carry all their accessories and be prepared for sudden changes in weather.

Vidal Triple Function Digital Pen
Everyone needs a pen but that doesn’t mean that people only need to jot down notes. In today’s technocentric age, a consumer is likely to use a smartphone or tablet as frequently as a notepad. Customers demand functional items like the Vidal Triple Function Digital Pen that have analog and digital capabilities.

The pen can do much more than write on pieces of paper. The cap includes a stylus so consumers can use touchscreen devices without dirtying the displays. Additionally, an LED flashlight is housed in the end of the pen.

2014 Symbols of America Wall Calendar
June is the sixth month of the year, meaning that 2013 is rapidly coming to a conclusion. Small business owners can help customers prepare for 2014’s imminent arrival by distributing the 2014 Symbols of America Wall Calendar. The new schedules feature breathtaking images of some of the United States’ most important locations and historic sights. The calendar includes vivid photographs of the Alamo, Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell and other American landmarks that customers will love to see every month next year.

What’s more, the wall calendars will help consumers get in the patriotic spirit for two upcoming holidays – Flag Day and the Fourth of July. These two patriotic celebrations are some of the most beloved days of the year, and small business owners can ensure Americans are ready to recognize these important days.

Promotional Drawstring Backpack
Consumers have accessories that they need to carry everywhere. Unfortunately, most handbags don’t offer sufficient storage space and traditional backpacks are too heavy to carry from place to place. The Promotional Drawstring Backpack might be the ideal alternative because it’s lightweight and offers plenty of space for daily necessities. The durable bag is ideal for everyday use because the rugged material can withstand basic damage.

“Thank You” Talking Promo Pen
Office workers need pens ready at all times, but a professional setting doesn’t necessarily mean that the writing utensils have to be boring. The “Thank You” Talking Promo Pen is a fun alternative to traditional tools that lack personality. The pens include a fun toy that sits on top of a spring.

All of these gifts are great options for small business owners who want to spice up their promotional giveaways in June. Consumers will love receiving one or all of these items during summer’s first month.

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