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Early detection is essential for breast cancer patients

Early detection is essential for breast cancer patients

Breast cancer is a terrible disease that afflicts millions of patients every year, and early detection is crucial to ensuring that victims can receive necessary treatments in a timely fashion. Dr. Robin Zon recently told ABC 57 that survival rates increase when the disease is discovered during its initial stages.

“The earlier the breast cancer is diagnosed, the more likely they’ll be long term survivors well into the 95 percentile for stage one breast cancer,” Zon said.

Additionally, some survivors are proponents of early detection. For instance, The Daily News reports that Sandy Coulson, who overcame breast cancer, regularly encourages people to have regular mammograms to ensure that they aren’t at risk for the disease.

Medical professionals and small business owners can raise awareness for early detection of breast cancer by distributing promotional marketing products shaped like pink ribbons. A key chain with the small symbol can go a long way toward encouraging patients to schedule appointments for their mammograms sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, generating awareness for the disease is essential for ensuring the health of at-risk people. Small promotional items can help the medical community continue to combat breast cancer.

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