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Why promotional giveaways matter

Why promotional giveaways matter

Holding promotional giveaways is one of the best strategies that small business owners can use for advertising. Functional items like calendars and water bottles are great gifts that can open lines of communication between entrepreneurs and their customers. Some companies use giveaways sparingly, but Nancy Neal, owner of Nancy’s Pantry Corner, thinks they are essential.

“Giveaways are part of marketing,” Neal told the American Express OPEN Forum.

Moreover, Neal believes that companies should hold regular giveaways. The promotions generate excitement and help attract consumers to small businesses. Owners can market their events so local customers know that unique promotional products are available on certain days.

Additionally, small items are great for attracting attention and generating leads during trade shows. Attendees routinely search for booths that offer gifts, which allows employees to start pitching products or services to these prospects. According to the National Science Teachers Association, giveaways can help initiate lasting relationships, which is an important part of finding new customers at large conventions.

Ultimately, promotional giveaways are extremely beneficial to small business owners who are trying to expand their reach and increase sales. Small gifts act as introductions from companies to potential customers.

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