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Send promotional items to clients who couldn't attend trade shows

Send promotional items to clients who couldn’t attend trade shows

Many exhibitors distribute promotional items to attract leads at trade shows, but some people miss the opportunity to receive their gifts. In some cases, clients can’t attend conventions to participate in giveaways. For instance, if a buyer has a limited travel budget, he or she can’t attend every trade show.

This can be a tricky situation for small business owners because they have to show clients that continued patronage is appreciated. Unfortunately, when customers are out of sight, they are also out of mind. As a result, the relationships may be damaged and clients might start looking for new businesses.

According to the Trade Show Advisor, small business owners should send extra promotional marketing products to customers who were unable to attend. Short letters stating how much the company appreciates recipients should be attached to all of the gifts. Clients will be pleasantly surprised to receive thoughtful presents from entrepreneurs.

Small business owners should always go the extra mile for their loyal customers. A personal touch can go a long way toward reinforcing partnerships so clients will continue working with one company instead of searching for alternatives.

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