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Motivating customers to get active with promotional gifts

Motivating customers to get active with promotional gifts

Small business owners can use unique promotional products to raise awareness for their brands and prevalent health issues. For instance, entrepreneurs can motivate their customers to start exercising and lead active lifestyles, which many Americans aren’t doing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 20 percent of adults meet the recommended criteria for physical exercise. The current standards are 2.5 hours of moderate activity or 1.25 hours of “vigorous-intensity aerobic activity” per week. Additionally, the guidelines include standards for muscle-strengthening exercises.

“Improving access to safe and convenient places where people can be physically active can help make the active choice the easy choice,” Carmen D. Harris, an epidemiologist with the CDC, said in a statement.

Small business owners can help by distributing branded water bottles during promotional giveaways. Customers will be motivated to get active by going for a light jog or doing some push-ups. Consumers will appreciate local companies that want to help people lead healthy lifestyles.

Additionally, gyms should debut new marketing campaigns to find clients. Distributing promotional gifts is a great way to attract leads to a fitness center so they can learn about their exercise options. Trainers can distribute unique promotional items to prospects who sign up for new memberships.

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