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2 tips for promotional wall calendars

2 tips for promotional wall calendars

Promotional wall calendars are some of the best marketing tools small business owners can use. Consumers often keep the branded gifts for extended periods of time, unlike other advertisements that may be quickly discarded. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average customer holds on to a calendar for 7 months – the fourth longest time span among all giveaways.

Small business owners can bolster the effectiveness of their promotional marketing products by branding every page and highlighting special events. Both tactics generate brand recognition among consumers and help independent companies grow.

The importance of branded content
The goal of distributing wall calendars is to increase brand awareness throughout the year. If companies do not include their logos and contact information on every page, customers will not learn to recognize the brands. All Business writes that marketing content should be emblazoned on each page so customers see new advertisements every month.

The right dates
Independent entrepreneurs should spotlight popular holidays in their calendars, but they aren’t the only days worth focusing on. The news source also recommends including information for events like promotional giveaways in calendars. This ensures that customers are aware of the special occasions and can participate.

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