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Use promotional products during National American Red Cross Month

The American Red Cross has supported millions of people during emergencies and natural disasters since 1881, and your company can use National American Red Cross Month to show your support for the organization. With a wide range of top-notch promotional products, your firm can promote its brand and the Red Cross’ mission throughout March in several ways.

Your business can use the following items to notify its customers about National American Red Cross Month and attract new clients to your firm’s products and services:

1. Pens
Promotional pens deliver significant value to clients because people can use them on a regular basis. Additionally, promotional pens that feature the American Red Cross logo allow your company to stand out in customers’ eyes.

Hosting a promotional event giveaway also serves your company in multiple ways. Your firm can provide promotional pens to visitors and promote the American Red Cross’ mission during the event. In fact, your company could even host a blood drive to give attendees an opportunity to show their support during National American Red Cross Month.

2. Custom flash drives
Flash drives can store a variety of files, images and videos, and users can easily take these devices to different locations. Provide clients with National American Red Cross flash drives that will serve as regular reminders of the organization’s mission and your company’s commitment to supporting worthy causes.

Customers can easily place custom flash drives on their key chains and use the gadgets to take information on the go. The products could help clients bolster their productivity and efficiency, as these customers can store valuable information on the devices and perform work from multiple locations.

3. Magnets
Promotional magnets feature clear, easy-to-understand messages that people will see any time they need beverages or food. With promotional magnets, your business can show its support for National American Red Cross Month and provide clients with items that they can stick to their refrigerators.

Promotional magnets also could help your company distinguish itself in a competitive market. While some businesses provide basic promotional items that solely include their company’s contact information, your firm will gain the advantage over rivals by showing its support for the American Red Cross. The magnets allow your company to make a direct statement to customers that is likely to be remembered for extended periods of time.

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