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March is National Caffeine Awareness Month

March is National Caffeine Awareness Month

Every month has a new awareness campaign that small business owners can use for their promotional giveaways. For instance, March is National Caffeine Awareness Month, a time in which Americans celebrate the benefits of caffeine. The Caffeine Awareness Association began the campaign to highlight the stimulant’s positive aspects.

Caffeinated beverages are among the most popular drinks in the entire world. According to Auburn University, approximately 90 percent of the global population consumes caffeine on a regular basis. The school reports that coffee is the most popular drink among adults, while children typically prefer soda for their daily dose of caffeine.

To celebrate National Caffeine Awareness Month, small business owners should distribute mugs as promotional marketing products. Customers will appreciate the functional presents and use them every day to drink their favorite caffeinated beverages. The logos will remind consumers of the business that gave away such great gifts.

Alternatively, small business owners can use National Caffeine Awareness Month to show appreciation for dedicated workers. Most employees start their days with a steaming cup of joe, and managers can ensure that every staff member has their own mug by distributing personalized business gifts. Every worker will loving having a custom mug for that all-important cup of coffee in the morning.

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