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Healthcare providers should participate in American Heart Month with promotional items

Healthcare providers should participate in American Heart Month with promotional items

February is American Heart Month, a crucial time for raising awareness for coronary ailments. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. The problem is growing, but doctors and other healthcare providers are making significant strides toward fighting cardiac issues.

Many medical professionals are taking a proactive approach when it comes to heart disease. Curative treatments like surgery and medicine are beneficial, but exercise and a healthy diet are the best tools for fighting coronary issues. Unique promotional products can help doctors underline the importance of nutrition for heart health and ensure that patients do not engage in dangerous behaviors.

Patients don’t understand the symptoms
The CDC recently reported that only 27 percent of Americans know all of the major symptoms of a heart attack. As a result of this lack of understanding, 47 percent of cardiac deaths occur outside of medical facilities. Doctors must teach their patients how to look for symptoms of heart diseases in order to prevent fatalities and long-term issues.

Promotional pens and note pads should be given to every client during their appointments. The items can be used write down all of the symptoms associated with heart disease. Patients can refer back to their notes if they believe they are experiencing a heart attack or other cardiac event.

Eating and living healthy
According to Livestrong, 30.6 percent of Americans are obese and at risk of developing heart disease. The news source points out that poor diets composed of fast food and other unhealthy items are primary contributors to the growing health issue. Sedentary lifestyles also factor into the obesity epidemic.

Doctors must teach their patients how to eat healthy diets and limit their intake of non-nutritious foods. Kevin Hemmesch, who suffered from clogged arteries due to his poor eating habits, told the St. Cloud Times that he and his wife take classes at a local hospital to learn how to read food labels and exercise to prevent future heart conditions.

“They have some awesome classes on how to eat right for your heart and how to eat healthy foods, and how to control stress, and luckily they ask your spouse to join you,” Hemmesch said.

Healthcare facilities should adopt the educational tactic to keep patients healthy. Regular classes help people avoid fatty foods and promote regular exercise. Additionally, doctors can hold promotional giveaways to draw more clients to the seminars. Functional items like branded water bottles and pedometers can be handed out to patients. The gifts can be used during workouts to prevent people from spending most of their time on the couch.

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