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Baseball team using promotional items to draw fans

Baseball team using promotional items to draw fans

The popularity of the Miami Marlins pales in comparison to that of Major League Baseball’s other teams. The once-proud franchise has struggled to foster loyalty among baseball fans in South Florida. The Palm Beach Post recently reported that there were only three people in line to buy tickets the first day they were available.

To attract more supporters, the Marlins plan on holding promotional giveaways throughout the season. The team will host 14 events this year along with weekly giveaways for children during Sunday games. Additionally, the team will participate in various causes like Autism Awareness Day on April 14.

The Marlins have set a perfect example for small business owners. Giveaways can generate interest and attract customers who are not already loyal fans. Small gifts like promotional flash drives, wall calendars and water bottles help companies reach consumers who can become regular clients.

Small businesses can improve upon the Marlins’ strategy by holding more frequent giveaways as rewards for continued patronage. Entrepreneurs can distribute new promotional items every few weeks to keep customers coming back. Alternatively, owners can hand out personalized business gifts to tenured clients. The custom presents motivate consumers to stay loyal to one establishment so they can earn their own prizes.

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