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Get organized in the new year

January is Get Organized Month, and it is the perfect opportunity for small business owners to ensure that their establishments are in perfect order. Additionally, business-to-business (B2B) vendors can celebrate by giving out promotional marketing products to help their clients get organized.

Time management and orderly offices are the two biggest keys to improving productivity. Calendars and USB drives can help your employees stay on task and tidy up their workstations. The two items are great personalized business gifts because they aren’t overly familiar and have everyday functionality.

Keeping the date
Workers can struggle while managing their schedules and tackling multiple projects. Staffers forget key responsibilities when they’re overwhelmed with new tasks. The Houston Chronicle recommends using calendars to keep track of important work and everyday practices.

Give employees pocket calendars so that they can schedule all of their appointments and create daily to-do lists. Additionally, tell your workers about new projects weeks before the start date to avoid confusion once they begin. The portable planners are extremely beneficial, especially if you allow remote working. Consider distributing personalized calendars to your loyal employees. Customized gifts can help you retain your most valued contributors.

B2B vendors should use promotional calendars to reinforce brand awareness and endear themselves to patrons. Clients will see logos every time they schedule new projects and check the date. Similar to the employee gifts, the functional presents can foster loyalty among customers.

Cleaning the office
SmartMoney recently estimated the average employee spends 30 minutes per week looking for paperwork, which means workers are losing 26 hours of productivity during the year. Get Organized Month is the perfect time to clean the office so that staffers won’t waste valuable time searching for documents.

Digital storage is one of the best solutions for reducing paperwork. Scan all of your memos, briefs and other important files and upload them to your computers so that your workers can easily find sensitive information.

Additionally, you should distribute USB drives and allow your employees to access important documents at home. According to Stanford University, working from home increases productivity by 13 percent, so you should give your employees the necessary tools to remotely complete projects.

Promotional flash drives can help your clients capitalize on Stanford’s findings. You can distribute branded gifts that are attached to keychains so that your customers never lose important files.

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