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Picking traditional or creative promotional items

Picking traditional or creative promotional items

Unique promotional products are some of the best advertisements small business owners can use to increase brand awareness. Small gifts put logos directly into consumers’ hands and last longer than most other marketing materials. Entrepreneurs can increase the effectiveness of their advertisements by picking the best promotional tools. Customers will keep functional items and develop long-term brand recognition, but creative giveaways can also lead to new levels of success.

Go traditional
In 2012, the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) reported that promotional pens, calendars and bags were among consumers’ favorites. The giveaways ranked in the top four of the most popular promotional items in the ASI’s annual survey. Customers enjoy the gifts’ functionality and appreciate companies that simplify everyday chores with branded items. All three products can be used in a variety of locations – from homes to offices – so your clients will be constantly exposed to your logos.

Calendars can be particularly effective when it comes to creating long-term advertisements. Consumers will keep the promotional marketing products all year and see your logos whenever they check the date. Pens are highly shareable, so you can advertise to new leads and not just your loyal patrons.

Try something new
Variety is the spice of life, and sometimes it’s necessary to shake up your marketing campaigns. New promotional gifts can help your brand stand out from the competition. USB drives and drinkware are gaining popularity among consumers – both gifts ranked in the top 10 of ASI’s survey of the best promotional items.

Inc. Magazine recommends distributing unique flash drives to appeal to customers. For instance, there are branded USBs with Wi-Fi detectors and click-into-pen caps. Alternatively, some models are on keychains so that the devices can never be misplaced. Some gadgets resemble a red ribbon for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Travel bottles and mugs are the two most popular forms of promotional drinkware. Customers appreciate being able to bring their beverages with them during long commutes. Additionally, the branded gifts advertise your company to other consumers while your patrons are running their errands.

It might be best to give mugs to business clients. Coffee is a staple of almost every industry, so you can endear yourself to your customers by giving them the means to brew their own joe at home and take it on the go, rather than wait in line.

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