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Attracting last-minute shoppers with promotional giveaways

Attracting last-minute shoppers with promotional giveaways

The holiday season is almost over, which means that last-minute shoppers are looking for gifts. In a recent survey, Lands’ End found that 30 percent of respondents didn’t buy any presents during the first few weeks of December. Consumers who got an early start still have people to cross off their shopping lists – 79 percent of early birds still have gifts to purchase.

Effective advertising can help retailers attract last-minute shoppers and finish the holiday season strongly. Promotional giveaways can draw traffic and motivate consumers to make those final purchases.

Functional gifts
You can distribute promotional marketing products that your customers can use as gifts for their loved ones. While you can’t give away free merchandise, small items with everyday functionality are appealing to consumers.

A branded coffee mug can work well as a present. Coffee and tea are popular year-round, and hot chocolate is a favorite during the holiday season. You can give mugs to shoppers with large purchase orders to say thanks for their patronage, and the items will increase your visibility when given as gifts to other consumers.

Alternatively, you can give away smaller items that shoppers can use as stocking stuffers. For instance, promotional key rings attached to flashlights can be great gifts. You can distribute budget-friendly products to every shopper instead of using them as incentives for sizable purchases.

Enjoying the rest of the season
You can give promotional pens to last-minute shoppers who need help wrapping all of their gifts. Instruct your employees to give a pen to every customer, even those who aren’t making any purchases. Patrons will appreciate that your store wants to help with seasonal obligations.

Consider giving festive pens that are decorated with holiday imagery. You can find models with snowmen on the caps that can give your customers some seasonal cheer. Additionally, consider adding holiday graphics to your logos.

Ensuring that bad weather doesn’t hamper your customers’ celebrations can also help them enjoy the holidays. The U.S. Drought Monitor notes that the first few weeks of December featured heavy precipitation in most areas, and that trend is forecast to continue. Branded umbrellas can prevent rainy conditions from ruining the most wonderful time of the year.

Distributing promotional products that have a usefulness that extends beyond the holiday season can create a lasting advertising presence. For example, items like pens and umbrellas can be used all year so your customers will hold onto the gifts.

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