Attracting new gym members

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching, and consumers are already making their resolutions. Losing weight and getting in shape is one of the most common resolutions. As a result, gyms frequently see an uptick in business during January. Men’s Health recently reported that 12 percent of new gym members join fitness clubs during the first month of the year.

Promotional advertising can help gyms capitalize on consumers’ increased interest in fitness. Holding events and distributing unique promotional products can attract potential clients and turn them into regular customers.

What promotional items to use
Promotional giveaways can increase traffic to your gym, as consumers may be more likely to visit a fitness center if they receive small gifts. Branded products are most effective when they’re related to your business, so consider distributing items that are useful during workouts like water bottles and pedometers.

You can also give away smaller items like promotional pens. Give pens to likely leads who fill out applications or add their information to your contact lists. Advertising on pens can be particularly effective because consumers will see your logo every time they write something down.

Additionally, pens can help you market to large groups of consumers. The American Marketing Association’s Baltimore branch writes that people frequently share pens, so these promotional gifts can increase your gym’s visibility.

Marketing a giveaway
Sending greeting cards is a popular holiday tradition, and gyms can participate by mailing promotional holiday cards to consumers. Fitness centers can buy mailing lists with the addresses of local residents and then send out advertisements for the events.

You can also encourage consumers to contact your business online. Add Quick Response (QR) codes to your postcards so that leads can navigate to your website from their smartphones. The digital watermarks can send consumers to any page you want, so you can choose to have leads easily view advertisements for your giveaway or holiday discounts.

Direct mail marketing can also help you improve client retention. Personalized Christmas cards show your patrons that you appreciate their business. Forging a bond with your customers can make your relationship last. Ask your trainers to write personal messages for their clients to make the mailers sentimental.

When to hold a promotional event
Wait until after the holidays to hold your giveaway. Before seasonal celebrations, consumers are often busy with obligations like shopping and party planning, so large groups might be unable to attend your event. Shoppers also spend hundreds of dollars on gifts, so buying gym memberships might not be financially feasible in December.

New Year’s Day could be the best day to hold a giveaway. Consumers want to start the year off right and therefore join gyms quickly. Most businesses are closed on the holiday, so you can stand out by staying open.

Don’t forget about your current clients
Customer retention is an important part of continued success, so you shouldn’t forget about your current clients while marketing to consumers. You can give your loyal gym-goers personalized business gifts to thank them for their continued patronage.

Clients’ names can be emblazoned on promotional water bottles. Additionally, personalized tote bags can help your customers carry their running shoes and workout clothes. Ensure that the presents can be used around your gym and reinforce your business relationship to avoid becoming overly familiar with your clients.

January can be a competitive month in the fitness industry, and gyms must start planning their 2013 marketing campaigns. The tips described above can help fitness centers start the new year right by finding new customers and retaining loyal clients.

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